Dr Sarath Obeysekersa 

I flew in to Colombo on Saturday. Sri Lankan air line flight was full  but there were hardly any European guests  flying in to Colombo. It was full of transit passengers.

 Easter  Sunday attack ,is the main reason for lack of tourists arriving in Colombo.

When we read news items people are concentrating more on Dr Shafi s purported crime committed to prevent more Sinhala Children being born .

Government ,police ,journalists keep guessing and blaming how easy to crush Fallopian tube to prevent conceiving a child.Ordinary people came to know about the anatomy only after this incident .It is fortunate that people have forgotten about the suffering of children and people who have perished during the bomb  blasts.

 I happened to meet a Muslim regular mosque goer ,who said that Quran never advocated such heinous acts.it is the local or foreign capitalist anti perialist forces  created such monsters .Even during The times of Eelam war,there were such people who blew themselves up.But we never blamed the whole Tamil nation.

Government and opposition are deviating the  minds of people by giving publicity to Shafi Affair, Badurdeen affair,Copper factory fiasco. 

People should now understand that American Imperialism is the only beneficiary.

SOFA which is being pushed thru like the Sri Lanka Indian peace accord pushed thru many years back is the danger sign to our country and the nation more than Dr Shafi and.Badurdeen.

GMOA is wearing black arm bands and also trying to safeguard Shafi ,thus deviating the attention of the people.

JVP is also not fighting enough to stop implemtation  of SOFA like the way they fought against Signing of Indian Peace accord.

We Sri Lankan people would not like to sea hefty blue berets or US mariners white  or black freely driving thru our cities in their ferocious looking US army transporters  like in Syria ,Libya ,Iraq and Afghanistan.

For the sake of our nation and country ,Muslims ,Tamils and Sinhalese should join hands and fight aginst the SOFA ,rather than punishing Shafi and Badurdeen